Aram lives by example, practicing meditation, tai chi & taking his own herbal remedies. He has a calm, authentic presence that begins the healing even before he begins putting his acupuncture skill, knowledge and intuition to work. He has helped me and my family enormously w aches and illness. My kids did not like the idea of needles, so he treated them effectively with other methods. He's a great doctor and a man you can count on.
Thank you Aram.

I had been unable to sleep and was taking sleeping pills.  I had worked my way up to Ambien, which I hate.  But it allowed me to sleep some.  And even with that, I was only sleeping 45-60 minutes before waking.  I did this all night, every night.  I was living on energy drinks and quadruple lattes.  I was having aches in my joints, my back, almost everywhere.  My doctor was at a loss.  I went to acupuncture out of desperation.  Hoping for something to help me sleep.  I went for one session and was able to sleep better that night.  But sleeplessness returned.  After my second session I noticed marked improvement to my sleep.  After the third, I was able to stop taking Ambien and take a lesser drug to sleep all night with only awakening once or twice.  I felt great.  I had more energy, I didn’t feel all the aches and pains like before.  It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep does for a person.  All thanks to the acupuncture treatment I had been receiving.  I would like to say Thank you to Aram!

I had suffered migraines my entire life and was scared to drive and do many things, never knowing when one would hit.  I had tried drugs and other remedies when a friend suggested acupuncture might help.  After 10 treatments my migraines have disappeared– I went from one or two a month to one every few years now.  Wow– it changed my life.

Relief! I came to Aram the first time following two back surgeries that had left my right foot partially numb. It had been numb for almost a year and there was no change in it whatsoever until I started seeing Aram. Almost all of that numbness is now gone most of the time! Equally as important if not more so, my blood pressure has been reduced. In addition to that he's helped me with tinnitus and just an overall sense of well-being! He is gentle, thorough and kind.