meditation-in-natureQigong/Taiji are ancient Chinese movements which are based in Chinese medicine theory, as well as Taoists and Buddhist philosophy.  In practice they combine movement (Forms), breathe, and intention/visualization.  Qigong/Taiji allows one to calm the heart/mind, exercise, increase flexibility and has the potential of generating energy (Qi) and thereby is seen as a method by which one can maintain one’s own  health.  There are countless Qigong/Taiji forms which can address a myriad of imbalances.

Meditation is a contemplative practice of sitting still and looking inward.  It is a method by which to calm the mind, gain insight, improve memory, decrease srtress, unite with the divine, or attain enlightenment.  Throughout the world, many cultures, philosophies and religions have utilized different meditations to gain greater understanding.  As with Qigong/Taiji there are a multitude of ways to practice mediation.