Alleviating Fibromyalgia pain with Acupuncture and Lifestyle!

Posted by on Sep 30, 2014

Recently in our clinic we have been seeing a significant amount of people suffering from Fibromyalgia pain.
Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has a long history of treating and alleviating chronic and acute pain. Our patients are reporting a great deal of relief from their Fibromyalgia pain, as well as related symptoms. One woman wrote after her first treatment: “I had an amazing week following acupuncture! Lost 2.5lbs and feeling good, with an increase in overall energy! Thank you again.”

With acupuncture, a practitioner inserts one or more thin needles into the skin and underlying tissues at specific acupressure points. Gently manipulating the needles causes a measurable release of endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins are the body’s natural opioids or innate painkillers. Through the release of endorphins and the increase of circulation, pain levels are effectively reduced.

A 2006 Mayo Clinic study titled: Improvement in Fibromyalgia symptoms with acupuncture: result of randomized controlled trial (, showed a decrease in pain and increased quality of life for fibromyalgia patients who had acupuncture therapy.

As acupuncture therapy works cumulatively, it is recommended to receive acupuncture 1-3 times a week for a course 12-15 treatments.

Other Helpful Tips to decrease the symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

  • 8-10 Glasses of Water daily
  • Trying your best to eat a Anti inflammatory Diet (call for details)
  • Yearly Liver Cleanse (call for details)
  • Vitamin D3 2,000-5,000IU daily
  • Vitamin C 3,000-10,000mg daily
  • Tumeric/Curcumin 500mg 2xdaily
  • Multi-vitamin rich in minerals
  • Applying Magnesium Oil nightly before bed (call for details)
  • Nightly Epsom Salt Bath
  • Infrared Sauna treatments
  • Daily stress reduction techniques: Meditation, Breathe work, prayer, rest time, time with loved ones, etc.
  • Daily Gentle Exercise: walking, swimming, Taiji, Qigong, Yoga (15-60 minutes depending on stamina)
  • Weekly Acupuncture/Herbs/Cupping therapy/Body work like gentle massage
  • Regularly consulting your Physician, Naturopath, or Fibromyalgia coach
  • Plenty of Sleep and restortative time– at least 7-8 hours a night

Try your best to integrate these changes, letting your body guide you to what works best for you.

~Be well and may this bring about less suffering!

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