Aram Levendosky


Aram holds a masters degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He has an undergraduate degree in Religious studies from UC Santa Barbara, after which he was intiated as a Buddhist monk  in Japan, living in a monastery for three years.

He brings to his work a fascination with internal medicine, a lifelong love of health and movement, and a deep belief in the importance of eating healthy nutritious foods. Grateful to be practicing alternative medicine professionally, he continues to be a student both of health in general and Chinese medicine in particular, researching, attending classes, reading, and learning from his patients.

Aram enjoys treating a wide range of complaints and working with patients of all ages, and he focuses on age related complaints for those 25 and older. Aram has success with pain of all types, neuralgias and nerve problems, arthritis, male fertility issues, menopausal issues, digestive complaints, and stress related complaints (insomnia, anxious feelings, and depressed feelings). He specializes in Cupping Therapy and uses Cupping on about 80% of the patients he sees.

Throughout the year, Aram offers classes in nutrition, with a focus on cooking and eating local healthy foods, detoxification, as well as classes in qigong, meditation and cupping.

I look forward to partnering with you to bring about greater health and vitality!


~Aram Levendosky